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The Soul Success System™

For Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Medical Professionals

Success comes from a place of well-being, focus, and the desire to make an impact. When life’s demands affect any part of that balance, your ability to do meaningful work suffers as well.The Soul Success System™ empowers you to balance your body, mind and emotions!

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WELCOME to The Soul Success System™

The Soul Success System will show you how to incorporate principles for self-care through living consciously.

Learning how to care of yourself so you can serve and lead others is tantamount for those who are seeking to be successful. When you incorporate these principles, a full and fulfilling life will boost your energy. You’ll enjoy work and family life without sacrificing your health and emotional well-being.

As a leader and employer, you’ll learn how to better manage your stress so you can continue to excel to the next level of success, coach your staff, and better interact as you manage others.

As an employer, this System will help decrease employee turnover, absenteeism, low productivity, low morale, and conditions that affect the bottom line.

I created this system to show you how to:

  • Increase your energy and stamina at work and at home. No more exhaustion or running on empty. Experience renewed vitality.
  • Reduce stress. Eliminate the imbalance it brings to your body. Banish burn out and anxiety that robs you of your health and well-being.
  • Think clearly to allow solutions and creative ideas to develop. When you have peace of mind and spirit you can be at the top of your game providing better solutions for your clients and better care for your family.
  • Perform higher across all areas of your life. The pull of priorities and the mental burden of feeling like you’re not doing enough will be gone when you have clarity and energy.

Who is taking care of you?

I’m Theresa Cloud Eagle, the Expert Self-Care Success Strategist for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Medical Professionals. The Soul Success System™ was created for you. It’s for people who put everything they have into everything they do. I want you to be able to keep making an impact and stay healthy too. This program will set you up for continued success by taking care of your most valuable resource. You!

It’s for you. You Matter!

My system will empower you with prevention techniques for stress, burnout and fatigue. You’ll learn to balance your body, mind, emotions and spirit as you embrace each new day. Rediscover the joy in all parts of your life.

It’s TIME to take care of YOU! Contact Theresa Cloud Eagle TODAY!

Take back your power with The Soul Success System™ today.

Say Yes to Self-Care


"Theresa’s presence allows one to feel what it’s like to be nurtured on a soul level. She has the ability to lift one to a higher state of consciousness. And her products are a blessing from God."


"I just wanted to share that I had an awesome connection with Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson. She reminded me of some key things that I should do to better myself. I will begin to use some of her suggestions immediately. Awesome!"

Karen Lane Denton

“I had to put a stop to my career to move back home and take care of my mother. Being the only daughter, I felt I had to do this. After all this is Mama! After a couple of years, I found that I had totally lost myself in caregiving and was burned out. Taking Theresa’s suggestions to heart, I was able to make changes that included doing things to relieve guilt and stress. I am so grateful that Theresa is following her passion to help caregivers. Her expertise and skills are so needed.”


“Having been on this journey with you, the journey involving caregiving and taking care of yourself. It has allowed me to take the time to recognize that I truly needed to take care of myself if I wanted to be a good caregiver. Little things that you don’t even realize that you say to me, has allowed me to set healthy boundaries for myself. To lovingly say no, I need to look out for me because I won’t be here to help you if I don’t take care of me first. It’s been a blessing, a true blessing, and I am very grateful to you.”



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