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Meet Theresa

“Theresa is a fountain of wisdom and spirituality — her message is so uplifting and inspiring.”

TheresaCloudEagleNelson-Spkr-3-680x1024I became deeply aware of the importance of taking care of myself by life happening. I was going through a very rough patch in my life that lasted several years. However, this put me on the wonderful path of self-discovery. Becoming a mother and wife at a young age contributed to the need for this awakening. During my “adult search,” I realized that my parents were progressive thinkers and doers who taught us how to live what has come to be known as “holistic living.”

The inspiration from my upbringing and with adult understanding I embraced my power through the process of living holistically. Within the security of my immediate family and the natural way life was followed in our home, little did I know my formative years were going to play a large part in my adult life. Here the passion that burns in my heart was unknowingly nurtured. My adult experiences lead me to understand the important role self-care plays in sustaining a life of meaning, health, and happiness. As I became more knowledgeable through my dedicated pursuit of holistic things, I became certified in many modalities achieving the teacher’s level in a few.

The one major thing that became apparent to me as I observed our society during my learning process was that we, as a people, didn’t realize we had a “say so” in maintaining the health of our bodies in addition to the doctor’s orders . We may have thought it was for the sick, fragile or weak willed not for strong-minded, seemingly healthy individuals. We didn’t realize there were tools to help us achieve the health and wellness we desired that didn’t involve taking pharmaceuticals. The majority of our role models for healthy bodies were athletes or entertainers who could afford personal nutritionist and trainers. We thought things of a holistic nature were strange, unacceptable, and “airy fairy”. We didn’t understand that there were ways in addition to exercise that played a part in the overall care of our total health. Now, there is a greater understanding about healthy living and many are embracing that knowledge.

But how often do we follow through or stay on track? Who instead says, “I’ll start tomorrow” and still it doesn’t happen?

Through the years as I saw the fantastic results in the life of my students and clients from teaching these holistic principles, my passion grew to be one of greater service to motivate individuals into transforming their way of life. The benefits attained by embracing and putting into action easy and simple tools are numerous – most of which have a life changing, positive affect on the mind and body. These benefits are paramount for the relief of the life draining and stress filled moments we all experience at some point in life. These benefits enable us to maintain a higher of level energy and balance.

In the past year, I really had the opportunity to experience the benefits of the holistic principles she’s been living and teaching. As a result, I came out victorious and contributes my success to consistently applying this way of life. Our power lies within if we would only take responsibility for the actions we express in our day-to-day living. I want my clients and audiences to know what’s possible when these proven strategies are implemented. I am here to help you consistently access that power for the best possible YOU!”


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