Nurture Your Soul Journal


This powerful, inspiring journal is your essential companion to creating a life of self-care to obtain balance for your work and personal life.


~ S.M.A.R.T. Goal template for directional success.

~ Count Down pages to achieve a new habit.

~ Inspiration to keep you mentally aligned with your goals.

~ Affirmations to keep your declarations, intentions, and your heart’s desires in focus.

~ Tips to lovingly remind you “it’s a journey not a trip.”

~ And a Special Bonus Tool for additional support.

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Journaling has made a big difference in my life. In the beginning, it was a way for me to express what I was thinking and feeling as I went through my own personal transformation. I knew I had hit on something special, so special I couldn’t share it with anyone. I had to first assimilate and understand what was going in me for me. I didn’t want anything or any-one negative to dim what I considered a gem. Journaling helped me keep my space sacred.

I didn’t have the tools to use that I am now creating for you. It is for that reason I have created this special journaling tool. This will help you stay focused and on course for the discipline of self-care for living conscious.

ISBN: 978-0-9753695-7-9; 196 pages—black/white and color