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The Expert Self-Care Soul Success Strategist™

Theresa Cloud Eagle became deeply aware of the importance of taking care of herself by life happening. She was going through a very rough patch in her life that lasted several years. However, this put her on an amazing path of self-discovery. Becoming a mother and wife at a young age contributed to the need for this awakening. During her “adult search,” she realized that her parents were progressive thinkers and doers who taught their children how to live what has come to be known as “holistic living.”

Theresa Cloud Eagle’s adult experiences lead her to understand the important role take care of self plays in nourishing a life of purpose, health, success, and happiness. (As she became more knowledgeable through her dedicated pursuit of holistic principles, she became certified in many modalities achieving the teacher’s level in a few.) Subsequently one major thing became apparent to her as she observed the actions of society during her learning process was that we, as a people, didn’t realize we had a “say so” in maintaining the health of our bodies in addition to the doctor’s advice. We didn’t realize there were tools to help us achieve the health and wellness we desired that reduced stress levels, promoted healthy eating, and conscious communication. The majority of our role models for healthy bodies were athletes or entertainers who could afford personal nutritionist and trainers. We didn’t understand that there were ways in addition to exercise that played a part in the overall care of our total health. Now, there is a greater understanding about healthy living and many are embracing that knowledge.

But how often do we follow through or stay on track? How many know what to do and don’t do it? Who instead says, “I’ll start tomorrow” and still it doesn’t happen?

Given the 30-plus years she has been practicing and teaching others how to take care of themselves, Theresa knows the benefits are paramount for the relief of the stressful moments we all experience at some point in life. Through the years as I saw the fantastic results in the life of her students and clients from teaching these holistic principles, her passion grew to be one of greater service to motivate individuals into transforming their way of life. The benefits attained by embracing and putting into action easy and simple tools is numerous – most of which have a life changing affect on the mind and body. Theresa had the opportunity to experience, more profoundly, the benefits of the holistic strategies she has been living and teaching when her husband went through a serious health challenge. Knowing how to handle yourself in high stress situations is critical for survival.

These benefits enable us to maintain a higher level of energy, mental clarity and balance. Our power lies within if we would only take responsibility for the actions we express in our day-to-day living. I am here to help you steadily and tenaciously access that power for the best possible YOU!

Theresa Cloud Eagle is a passionate Transformational Speaker who brings real life stories, enthusiasm, compassion, and antidotes as she shares strategies to maximum life for success. Additionally, she created the platform, The Soul Success System™ to bring in depth, personalized instruction to her clients so they can successfully implement the practical applications.

Theresa Cloud Eagle produced and published an internationally distributed holistic magazine, Pattern Pieces® Inspirational and Wholistic Magazine, and operated a holistic private practice for 12 years before expanding to focus on those who are involved with high stressed lifestyles. Now with her attention on Soul-Centered Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Medical Professionals she is making a tremendous impact. She has studied under the likes of Wayne Dyer, PhD, Louise Hay, James Twyman, Patricia “Mechi” Garza and many others. She has taught 1,000’s of students and has spoken to hundreds of audiences. Her audiences are uplifted with the life changing material she shares, putting her suggestions into immediate action. Theresa Cloud Eagle has given keynotes, workshops, trainings, webinars, teleseminars, and lunch-n-learns. These have been held for private groups, on cruise ships, at health conferences, health and wellness expos, businesswomen’s groups, corporations, and faith-based organizations.

Theresa Cloud Eagle has authored seven books: The Chakras — The Twelve Mind Powers of Man and Revelations for the Healer & Counselor; Nurture Your Soul with Action Steps; Nurture Your Soul Workbook for Caregivers; Tools for Effective Living: Guide for a Purpose Filled Life with Action Steps; and Think on These Things – Affirmations to Keep You Motivated and Balanced and Nurture Your Soul Journal – A Journaling Guide to Achieve Your Self-Care Goals. She has had numerous articles published on holistic living. Additionally, her words have been quoted and her articles are featured online and in magazines.

Theresa Cloud Eagle has appeared on television, radio and featured on various platforms such as – ABC, Fox28 “Good Day Columbus,” and “Tapestry”; “Spotlight of Success Radio Show,” “OWN: Woman’s Radio Show,” “The Wellness Journey Radio Show,” She has been nominated for several awards.

Additionally, Theresa Cloud Eagle is the Founder and CEO of Divine Essentials® Aromatherapy. Divine Essentials® hand-crafted, natural aromatherapy body products uses essential oils in a therapeutic way and is sold primarily through her online store. During her studies, she found it is wise to use products on the body that it naturally recognizes and are easily assimilated for use. The reason being, there are little to no contraindications from natural products created from the same materials as the organic body. The products help to pamper and nurture the body and mind helping to de-stress, renew and refresh it while increasing energy and balance.

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