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The following topics are applicable to Women’s Groups, Leadership Groups, Healthcare Organizations, Faith Organizations, Workshops, Retreats, Breakout Sessions. Topics can be tailored for your specific need.

Navigating Stressful Times to Survive Life

As we enter our adults years, we naturally carry along with us the family dynamics into which we were born and raised. Those experiences – good, bad or indifferent – strongly dictate our behaviors and responses to situations that carry over into our professional and personal relationships. As a result an unrealistic and false association is given to many experiences, currently happening, creating unnecessary stress.

The need for viable solutions are great for the high stressed situations many find themselves facing. Much of the stress we encounter is because our language and actions don’t have the power to deflect the life draining behaviors of others. To navigate through these situations there are techniques and strategies to enable individuals to rewrite their story which include — self-reflection, change of view, speaking in a way to meet the need and ultimately change your habits for a better outcome.

In this life changing, interactive, and engaging program your attendees will discover how conscious living can immediately produce positive results for total well being.

Be Prepared to Conquer Stress using Conscious Living Strategies 

One of the biggest attributes in life is to BE PREPARED. We have life insurance policies, we have health insurance; we have car insurance; we have travel insurance; and we have 401Ks planning for retirement. We also have legal documents in place — Wills, Living Wills, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney, Funeral and Burial Instructions. So why not be prepared when it comes to taking care of you. You are your Biggest Asset!

In this empowering, life changing, and engaging program you will implement and immediately apply specific techniques to reduce stress, reverse burnout and strengthen your total well being by learning how to —

  • Use the power of your thoughts and words to alter the trajectory of your life;
  • Create affirmative declarations to attract and support your desires;
  • Remove dramas that reinforce stress and be the observer to lessen stress;
  • Elements to help set healthy boundaries; and
  • Engage the Breathe — the forgotten stress reliever.

4 Super Simple Strategies to Re-Energize and Re-Charge for Optimal Success at Work or Home

When we reflect on our habits the dynamics of our environment will exhibit its effect very clearly. Strategies to establish new habits such as re-languaging skills, setting healthy boundaries, recognizing and avoiding “drama” personalities, and knowing what to do to increase energy levels are great keys to understanding what one can do to decrease stress and increase well being. I believe the best way to learn is to experience the applications at work. And your audience will have ample opportunity to do just that. I will empower you with the best strategies to boost your speed to success.

Implementing Conscious Living Strategies to Prevent Stress, Mental Fatigue, and Burnout

One obstacle individuals must overcome is how to best care for their patients to ensure a good quality of life, high level of support and recovery. Using the benefits of conscious living, the learner will gain an understanding of how to successfully apply these tools to produce the highest possible outcome. We will engage strategies to help you stay in the moment by creating new habits and incorporate these habits into our daily activities.

How to Super Charge Your Results Through Conscious Living

Living in the moment is something we have not been wired to do as humans. Our mode of operation is typically survival mode. When we slow down a bit and focus on each move we make, our tasks take on a new meaning and clarity for solutions. The ability to stay present allows us to resolve each situation with deliberate actions and purpose. As we learn how to dominate using the conscious living strategies, our lives and the lives of our clients will be super charged for success.

Rewrite Your Story to Benefit Your Well Being

We all come with life experiences that mold the way we think, speak, feel, respond, and behave. Our experiences and dramas do not have to dictate the way we live the rest of our lives. Because we are children of the Creator God, we are free to recreate the stories we tell ourselves and put a STOP to the way we have been living to bring out the best in us. This program will help individuals take the first step by taking a close look at their personal experiences and better understand dramas that need to be crushed to build new behaviors.

Triple A’s to Increase Energy and Balance

We typically don’t want to uncover personal imperfections. A challenge for the vast majority is to face up to the fact that change is required. A proactive response is the best response and brings to you the better outcome. The overworked and under-nurtured body will give out if not taken care of properly. We will discuss the benefits of opening up to Acceptance, disabling dread to Acknowledge, and following a course of Action.

How to Subdue Stress using Breathe, Relaxation, and Meditation

Our society has a “right now” mentality and constantly encourages us to keep going, no matter what. Our bodies are built to last if we allow time for it to recharge and renew itself. We are not taught the innate resources we have at our disposal to help us stay relaxed and balanced. When we understand how to access our abilities we can decrease our stress levels more successfully.

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