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As a 30-year veteran practicing and teaching others how to holistically take care of themselves using mindful living strategies, Theresa Cloud Eagle knows these benefits are paramount for and the relief of the stressful moments we all experience at some point in life. She is an authentic, cut to the chase, speaker as she brings real life stories, passion, compassion, and antidotes to her subject matter when she shares strategies to maximum life for success.
Through the years as she saw the fantastic results in the lives her of students and clients from teaching these holistic principles, her passion grew to be one of greater service to motivate individuals, such as hospice professionals and entrepreneurs, into transforming their way of life. The benefits attained by embracing and putting into action easy and simple tools is numerous – most of which have a life changing affect on the mind and body. These benefits enable us to maintain a higher level of energy, mental clarity and balance. Our power lies within if we would only take responsibility for the actions we express in our day-to-day living. Theresa Cloud Eagle is here to help you steadily and tenaciously access that power for the best possible YOU!


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