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Self-Care for Soul Success Consultation

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When you feel the effects of stress, burn out, anxiety, and mental chaos how do you recharge?

As a leader, entrepreneur, creative, or medical professional, it is important to have a go-to resource. When the success of a business or project rests on your ability to deliver, you have a higher risk of stress, and burn-out invading your life. Nothing will happen to reverse your situation until you realize and acknowledge that you want to feel better. Then it’s time to embrace changes in your lifestyle.

But change can be hard when you’re not sure how to start. How many of us know what to do and don’t do it?

Do you struggle to stay on track applying conscious living practices in your day-to-day routine while focusing on everything else? How often do you say I want to do better utilizing a healthy lifestyle, but you continue to fall off the rails?

How many times have you thought, “I’ll start tomorrow” and still it doesn’t happen?

Help is closer and easier than you know.

A Self-Care for Soul Success Consultation is a great way to gain insight and clarity and relief.

Even the most determined and well-intentioned of us benefit from support.  Life changes are easier when you learn how to tap into the internal resources that we all have. You can discuss your concerns and talk about how best to put a plan in place to reverse the harm to your health and well- being with someone who can strategize and offer you solutions to unhealthy behaviors.

Don’t allow uncertainty or fear to prevent you from revitalizing your body, mind and soul.



What People are Saying…

Victoria says, “Having been on this journey with you, the journey involving caregiving and taking care of yourself. It has allowed me to take the time to recognize that I truly needed to take care of myself if I wanted to be a good caregiver. Little things that you don’t even realize that you say to me, has allowed me to set healthy boundaries for myself. To lovingly say no, I need to look out for me because I won’t be here to help you if I don’t take care of me first. It’s been a blessing, a true blessing, and I am very grateful to you.” 

Ella says, “I had to put a stop to my career to move back home and take care of my mother. Being the only daughter, I felt I had to do this. After all this is Mama! After a couple of years, I found that I had totally lost myself in caregiving and was burned out. Taking Theresa’s suggestions to heart, I was able to make changes that included doing things to relieve guilt and stress. I am so grateful that Theresa is following her passion to help caregivers. Her expertise and skills are so needed.” 


I just wanted to share that I had an awesome connection with Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson. She reminded me of some key things that I should do to better myself. I will begin to use some of her suggestions immediately. Awesome!


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