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Health Care Professionals

Say YES! to Self-Care

I cannot presume to know what you go through every day with the families you serve. I do know what it is like being on the receiving end of the services you provide to families who are hospitalized, in nursing homes, in need of skilled nursing at home or entering the last days of a loved one’s life. Service to individuals and their families is an experience rich with meaning for you. Your dedication to the families, your patients and doctors is remarkable and faith-filled. I have experienced your services personally, with family members, and friends on numerous occasions.

The nursing field is special in and of itself, but the  hospice professionals regularly experience a wide range of powerful emotions, the mystical space between the physical and spiritual worlds, and the reality of loss and death. And to be quite frank, during these times that life demands hospitalization or an unexpected change in ones health, some family members are not easy to get along with pulling even more of your energy as you try to address their concerns. The distress on your body from this constant pull of emotions can become overwhelming causing various warnings. 1) You begin to experience a lack of energy from exhaustion. 2) Physical illnesses begin to happen more frequently. 3) You forget to put healthy boundaries in place. 4) You may even begin to feel under-appreciated for all of the hard work you perform. Even so, in the face of this entire happening you still love working with families in this crisis situation.

You feel life is rewarding, however demanding, as you experience a wide range of emotions putting families first by providing them with the needed support. So much so that your personal self-care requirements are ignored. I have spoken with many professionals in the health care industry and it was a consensus that the belief of “it goes along with the job” that suffering is endured. However, I am here to tell you that misery is not a part of the career definition. If it is, it should not be. Yes, it is a heart-felt calling for you. It has to be for the depth of your dedication. But, given the scope and intensity of working with people with health challenges, thoughtful, intentional focus on self-care is necessary to remain effective. Taking care of your total being is essential to accomplish and be the best you for the families you serve.

Developing a balanced rhythm in all you do curtails chaos. Doing too much of any one thing throws everything else out of whack.  The body will strongly give a “wake up” call if necessary to get attention. And when our ship sinks, everything goes down with it.

Taking care of you is one of those things that get put on the back burner. It is something that we all say to ourselves, “I’ll get to it ‘tomorrow’.” The main point with self-care that people don’t understand is that it is an inexpensive “preventative maintenance plan” compared to constantly putting bandaids on the issue. Why do we wait until we get news from the doctor that gives us an ultimatum before we get serious about taking care of ourselves? Yes, sometimes, there is that genetic thing that gets in the way as what happened to me. However, I am thankful that it occurred years after I had put a self-care plan into place, so the affect of the health challenge was not a hindrance. Even more so when my husband had a serious health challenge and I was the “manager” of his care. I now call that plan the Soul Success System™.

The point is a proactive response is the best response and brings to you the better outcome. If we do the right thing, we can put a halt to many health issues that we may face. Making the choice rather than having the choice made for you is the path of least resistance. Selectively, we are putting into place a working strategy that helps us maintain a cleaner bill of health. Unfortunately, for the majority, it is the road less traveled.

What good is the heart-felt service you desire to give if you can’t provide it because of health issues? You are Your Best Asset! Don’t let your asset be exposed to thieves (sickness, no energy, mental fog) that will steal your most precious commodity – your health – when you can keep it under your protection.

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