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The Soul Success System™ Training

This Training offers a space for renewal, replenishment, and peace of mind to those who lead, encourage and inspire others.

Conscious Living   Stress Reduction   Conquer Burnout
More Energy   Renewed Passion


Provided by:

Theresa Cloud Eagle, Expert Soul Success Strategist™ 

 This course was created for you.


  • Creative leaders who go to work each day to inspire and nurture others. People look to you for guidance and support. They depend on you to energize and motivate them. 

They look to you for direction.

For creative flow and innovation.

For consistency.

  • Every day you show up. It’s never been about putting in the hours. For you, it’s always been about doing good work      first. Yourself, second. That’s what makes you so good at what you do.
  • Who does the leader turn to when they need compassion and support?
  • When is it your turn to reflect, renew, recharge?
  • This course is for you.
  • It’s a chance to reclaim your balance. Your center. Your well-guarded soul that gives so much and asks so little in return.
  • It’s time to take care of you.



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Have you always wanted someone to give you the

“HOW TO’s”

to deal with stress, compassion fatigue, and combat burnout — practical applications to put immediately into action?! 


This step-by-step process will lay the foundation for your success.

You’ll receive an email with each weekly module’s worksheets. You can take time to reflect before we have our group session. I’ll be teaching as well as answering your questions on the recorded call. This will be a safe, supportive space where you can implement the tools and experience in real-time while working through your real-life circumstances.

Each strategy works individually and in tandem working with one another to create your successful outcome.


You will walk away with these benefits & more ….

Reduction or Elimination of Burnout and Stress

Restful Sleep

Less chance for Imbalances or Dis-ease

Increase of your Lifespan

Power over Control Dramas

Healthy Boundaries that You Control

Increase in Stamina / Energy

More Mental Clarity

More Peace of Mind

Enjoying Life with Positive Outlook

More Joyous Attitude while caring for others

You’ll experience a personal transformation as you work through the course. You’ll also come away with skills and resources that you can use daily as you continue to care for others. 



….as we go through the System step-by-step. 

The life changing principles will benefit you both professionally and personally empowering you in a way like never before.



(Valued @ $1,399)

Need a payment plan contact me (614) 476-8680.



9 Modules

1)  Languaging for Success — Structuring Thoughts & Words for Results

2)  Preparing for Soul Success™ — Foundational Steps

3)  Affirmations & Declarative Statements

4)  Rewrite Your Story

5)  It’s Not Your Drama, Become the  Observer

6)  Set Healthy Boundaries

7)  Breathe for Balance / Relaxation

8)  Meditation

9)  Nutrition & Intentional Movement

Bonuses YOU Get:

NYS Book Mock web“Nurture Your Soul” with Action Steps

Receive your own copy of the book as part of your registration.

Recording of Each Session

Think of this as your go-to resource when you need a refresher or a bit of guidance and wisdom. These recordings will be there as your own personal library.

1-on-1 Coaching Session

During the 9 week course we’ll schedule a personal appointment that’s focused on you. Personalized, private and powerful. This is a great way to reinforce what’s working and discuss areas where you’re ready to experience transformations.

Exclusive Coaching Group

Connect with others in a private member only Facebook group for on-going support and accountability. This will always remain a safe space to ask for help and share with others. It’s your personal tribe of like-minded individuals who will understand you.

Emails up to 90 days after end of Training

The Soul Success System™ is a journey. I know this work changes lives, and I know it can impact yours which is why I want you to have support and access to me via email after the course ends.  I am committed to your transformation and progress.


Need a payment plan contact me (614) 476-8680.




eBook: ThinkOnTheseThingseBook: “Think on These Things — Affirmations to Keep You Motivated and Balanced” (52 pages)

What people are saying:

robin-l-smith I want to personally let you know how much I enjoyed your program. You presented your information with such clarity and understanding, that I feel a renewed sense of the powers that lie within me. I wanted to know more so that I would be able to apply this to my life. I have believed in meditation and being one with God, but you allowed not just me but the entire group to be a part of something that is greater than yourself. Pastor Robin L. S., Greenwood, SC



Robinette Smith“I’m always looking for ways to help improve mind, body, and soul/ spirit. I really enjoyed your teachings.  It gave me a new perspective on how to live. This is not just my body… But the Lord’s temple. I have to take care of it by managing my stress levels and resting when needed. I need to stretch daily and include some type of cardio or exercise into my week. I need to pick healthy food choices and drink plenty of water. Last but not least, I must meditate on the word and spend time in prayer. This will help to reduce stress.  All these things together, will help me to live a long and healthy life. It doesn’t start over night, but one day at a time.” Robinette S., Columbus, OH



  I really enjoyed our session. I love your energy and enthusiasm for helping others to succeed. Sharing The Soul Success System is a confirmation that being true to yourself (allowing time for growth) is an important key to maintaining health so we can live our purpose creating win-win situations. I look forward to staying connected. Marcia H. Marietta, OH


Need a payment plan contact me (614) 476-8680


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